Rainbow Fentanyl Seized In Tigard, Sign Of Larger Problem

TIGARD, Ore. — Authorities are concerned about a newer form of powdered fentanyl that’s turning up on the streets.

Police recently recovered 5.5 grams of rainbow fentanyl that resembles sidewalk chalk during an arrest.

Neighbors on Southwest Hunziker Road west of 72nd Avenue late on the night of August 10th called police about a man who was on top of a car, screaming and acting erratically.  He had several warrants and was arrested.

This form of the drug continues to emerge in a growing number of communities and there’s concern of overdoses and that kids could get their hands on it due to its candy-like appearance.

“We are concerned about the availability of fentanyl in our community and the increasing number of overdoses across the region,” said Washington County Health Officer Dr. Christina Baumann.

Rainbow fentanyl is cut with various unknown materials and mostly comes from drug cartels in Mexico that ship it north.

This is indicative of a larger problem with police seeing a significant increase in fentanyl pills, known as M30’s.  Tigard Police have documented 70 reports so far this year compared to 8 in all of 2021.

“If you use, know that the strength of the drug varies, and the risk of overdose is high.  Don’t use alone.  Carry naloxone – it could save a life,” Dr. Baumann added.

Naloxone is available at local pharmacies and Washington County has made the information accessible on their website.

Last week, the first reported seizure of rainbow fentanyl in our area happened during the search of a home in Northeast Portland.

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