Sauvie Island, Oregon – A woman from Illinois who now lives in Portland, will be swimming all the way around Sauive Island this morning. Cindy Werhane posted on her Facebook page seven years ago, she and a friend swam around Ross Island. That’s when her dream of going around the much bigger Sauvie Island was born. She plans to start this morning at 6am at the Warrior Rock Lighthouse, then go upstream into Multnomah Channel. She’ll swim 21 miles against current, then into the Willamette River for three miles, then into the Columbia for 14 more miles. It will likely take her all day to finish.

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Swim Announcement (so if that doesn’t interest you, scroll on by 😉)

7 years ago just prior to the Portland Bridge Swim, a friend and I decided to swim around Ross Island (5 miles). During that swim, we joked about other islands and a dream was born.

I’ve spent these last 7 years wondering if it was even possible. As I witnessed incredible feats in the open water community, my wonder changed to if it was possible for me.

A week from today, we shall see.

On July 10th, at 6 am I will start my swim around Sauvie Island. I will start at Warrior Rock LightHouse, travel around Warrior Rock Point and then upstream into the Multnomah Channel. After 21 miles against current, I’ll enter the push of the Willamette River for 3 miles then the Columbia River for the remaining 14.

I will be supported by the most amazing crew of friends who have devoted countless hours helping me organize this attempt. This combined effort already feels like the greatest success.

Christopher Graefe is my crew chief.
Lars Rutkowski and Mark Johnston are the sailboat pilots.
Jon Hinkle will Pilot a powerboat.
Sophia Cordero and Robin Donovan will be observing.
Anita KatzSandy SadowitzD.j. DeAustria, and Kristin Valentine will be kayaking.
Chris Brooks and Caryl Schiavon are shore support.
Margot McKirdyLisa Amorao, and Jamie Ann Phillips have served as consultants to the swim.

I will have a trackr so that everyone who wants can follow our progress. I’ve created a public group called Sauvie Island Circumnavigation where we will include updates and live feeds.

If anyone local wants to cheer from the roads or beaches, it would really be appreciated.

I’m assuming the swim will take over 20 hours, possibly closer to 24-25. I really don’t know. I’m just going to try and get as far as I can.


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