Woman Gets Life in Prison for Murder of Annastasia Hester in Gresham

A woman pleads guilty, and will get life in prison: for the brutal stabbing that killed her husband’s ex- wife in Gresham.

38 year old Angela McCraw-Hester pleaded guilty to the murder of Annastasia Hester in the victim’s Gresham apartment. Police records show Annastasia Hester was stabbed 60 times, and later died at a hospital, at the age of 34. Monday McCraw-Hester learned she’ll faced a life prison sentence, for stabbing her husband’s ex-wife in 2016, then avoiding police for more than a year.

The victim’s friend and former co worker Kevin Brooks tells us it’s been a long wait for justice.
“I feel absolutely relieved. Annie passed away four years ago. Angela I believe got arrested a year after,” Brooks said. “We’ve been waiting for trials. They’ve been pushed back.”

Matthew Hester is still waiting for his trial, on charges of conspiring to help his current wife kill his ex-wife.
Angela McCraw-Hester will be eligible for parole after she serves 25 years in prison.

Brooks said, “It’s a relief that Annie has gotten some sort of justice. I mean, it’s still not going to be the same because she’s still not here with us. She left behind her daughter who is probably 8 or 9 now.”