Why was Lars banned for 12 hours on twitter?

Lars Larson was replying to 2016 Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone in a comment she made condemning the shooting of 36-year-old Andre Catrel Gladen.

Iannarone wrote. “[The] question is whether we will ever stop funding this deadly paramilitary force and start funding things that actually keep the people of Portland safe.”

Lars, wrote, “Gee @sarahforpdx you think the cops make PDX dangerous? Read the story and you find the dead man was 1) paranoid schizophrenic 2) invaded a stranger’s home 3) fought with the officer 4) pulled a knife. What’s your millennial snowflake solution to that situation without the cops? The tweet—which was flagged as “hateful content”—got Larson banned for 12 hours.

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