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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Community Leaders held a press conference Sunday afternoon at SEI in North Portland, on the impact of the recent protests and riots in our black communities. The list of speakers included Mayor Ted Wheeler, Ron Herndon, Kali Ladd, Joe McFerrin, Rukaiyah Adams, Bishop CT Wells, and Tony Hopson Sr of SEI.

Mayor Ted Wheeler gave a compassionate speech where he said “I need to do more, I need to do better.” We need to elevate the black voices in our community. Wheeler also addressed Portland’s history of racism. He went on to say Portland’s black community needs to “be heard, be valued.”

“We need justice. We need you.”

“We share the same vision and same goals…”

Wheeler said what we all are feeling is “real pain here.”

He finished by saying the process of healing must be engaged with clarity and purpose – and he will do everything in his power to help lead in that process of healing in our community.

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The Mayor was followed by several very compassionate and strong speeches from leaders in Portland’s black community.

Ron Herndon says racism is the real pandemic in our black community and no mask or social distancing can cure it.

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Earlier in the day Mayor Wheeler and leaders held a news conference Sunday morning.

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The Mayor of Portland had stern words for protesters Sunday morning.

In a press conference Mayor Ted Wheeler condemned the behavior of some protesters saying “the death of George Floyd and so many others has been co-opted by rioters and looters to use the moral soul of this movement as cover to destroy our communities”.

The mayor continued on “It no longer feels like sincere mourning for the death of George Floyd and many other black men and women in our country, this behavior that we’ve seen for the second night is blatant lawlessness and selfish violence”.

The mayor continued on to thank first responders including firefighters, police officers and 911 operators for their efforts to contain the situation.

Mayor Wheeler also announced that he is extending the curfew over the city(8 p.m.) and said more details are to come.


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