US Traffic Deaths Drop Slightly In 2022, But Still A ‘Crisis’

DETROIT (AP) — The number of people killed on U.S. roadways decreased slightly last year, but government officials said the 42,795 people who died is still a national crisis.

Estimates by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that the number of fatalities dropped 0.3% from the 42,939 killed in 2021.

Traffic deaths declined slightly in the fourth quarter, the third straight quarterly decline.

But they’re still close to 2021 numbers, which were the highest in 16 years.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in a statement that the nation continues to face a national crisis on its roadways.

The department says it has adopted a national safe systems strategy to reduce the deaths, including more than $800 million in grants to help communities with projects in high-crash areas.

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