The pandemic’s pushing more people into isolation, especial senior citizens.
Now, some of the younger generation are making an effort this Valentine’s Day, to make those seniors feel special.

The numbers of Americans older than sixty five living alone are in the millions says Tom Wagenlander. “Just in Oregon alone there are more than 320,000 older adults who are likely to suffer from loneliness.”

Wagenlander, is the Executive Director of AARP Wish of a Lifetime, which is
organizing an event called Cupid Crew 2021.

“It is an effort to reach out members of our community, members of the oldest generation to share some love, and let them know we’re thinking of them,” he says

This year they have a special partner: “We’ve been very fortunate that Girl Scouts have mobilized their troops in their scouts to help us by sending heart felt cards.”

He says hundreds of scouts in Oregon and Washington are among those cupid crewing their heart felt messages, sending cards this year.

You can visit to create a card and join the movement.