Rose Festival Porch Parade Returns Adding Businesses To The Mix

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Rose Festival is in its second year of what it hopes to make a staple.  The Porch Parade is back.

Besides having families decorate their homes, businesses are now encouraged to do the same thing in over 50 districts around town.

A limited production of “Porch Parade Roses for Hope” lawn signs will be distributed to early registrants during the week of May 24th.  All decorations should be complete and ready for show by May 31st.  The Porch Parade celebration runs from May 31st to June 13th, 2021.  You can register at:  The Rose Festival plans to award the best designs.  Details will be announced in a few weeks.

Cities across the country picked up on the idea.  Porches in San Antonio, Detroit, New Orleans and Washington, D.C. have embraced the concept.

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