Almost five dozen Portland police officers who were deputized to make federal arrests during the weekend’s protests will retain that authority until the end of the year, the police bureau confirmed to KXL.

Portland Police’s Derek Carmon says 56 officers, sergeants and lieutenants from the bureau’s rapid response team, which typically polices protests, were sworn in and will be allowed to make arrests in place of federal officers.

“They’re on the front lines when crowds get a little bit more violent toward police,” said Carmon.

“They’re a little bit more hardened up, a little bit more protected than our normal field forces we would send out.”

The officers were sworn in Saturday morning, before a Proud Boys rally in Delta Park, and a counter-demonstration in Peninsula Park.

Carmon said the deputization of those officers doesn’t mean automatic federal charges for any case in which a federal officer is assaulted.

“Deputization standing alone does not trigger coverage for the statute for assault on a federal officer,” Carmon said.

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