Portland 4th Grader All About Water Conservation

PORTLAND, Ore. — Hazel is a bright 4th grader at Alameda Elementary School who actually enjoys saving water at home.  She took some time with Brett Reckamp and Veronica Carter on Portland’s Morning News to talk about some smart and cool ways she saves a little bit of water in some of the things she does around the house.  Hazel says some of the practices take exactly that:  “some practice!”

Hazel says she has done some math when it comes to brushing your teeth and how much water could be lost if you leave the water on.  She also has looked at washing machines, the shower and the dishwasher.

Her passions made her our KXL Everyday Hero.

Hazel says when she’s not helping her mom and dad around the house and conserving water, she loves to hang out with her friends, ride her bike and bring people together.  Hazel also happens to be a natural when it comes to community organization.

You can hear how Hazel’s talk on water conservation sounded here:


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