Picky Eater or “I’ll Try Anything”?

I recently had a visit from my cousin Michelle and her husband Brian from Boise, and they brought Kat, James and Victoria with them.  We went out to dinner and Michelle chose a Lebanese restaurant.  I wondered if there would be anything there the kids would like but they tried it all, without being coaxed, bribed or badgered!   After trying to please some incredibly picky eaters in my family for years, it was so refreshing to see a 7, 9 and almost 11 year old be so adventurous about food!

Being a choosy eater as a child isn’t rare.  Parents deal with it all of the time.   I’ve talked to nutritionists about it and they say healthy eating habits start early and parental anxiety does nothing to help. Experts say relax, and try involving kids in meal prep, talk about nutrition with them and be a good example when it comes to trying new foods.