Oregonians Struggle With Addiction Issues COVID-19

PORTLAND, Ore–The Oregon Recovery Network  is one of the best resources out there to help those who need assistance with drug and alcohol issues.  Mike Marshall Director of Oregon Recovers says,” One in 5 Oregonians  suffer from addiction or recovered from addiction but that recovery is threatened because of the Coronavirus.”  People feel isolated and disconnected Mike plans to attend the upcoming special session of the legislature to request further support opportunities.  That does not mean money.  He’s reached to the Oregon Health Authority to provide guidance in how recovery meetings can take place  in person again safely with social distancing in mind.  Most meetings for the time being  are done online on platforms like Google Hangouts, or Zoom.  Sometimes older people can’t participate they have computers but no camera.

The Oregon Recovery Network can help someone who has relapsed connect with a pier mentor or find recovery meetings online.   For more information go to :  www.OregonRecoveryNetwork.org .

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