Oregon Utility Companies File Wildfire Mitigation Plans With State

SALEM, Ore. – Utility companies across have filed their wildlife mitigations plans with the Oregon Public Utility Commission.

The plans are mandatory after the passage of Senate Bill 762 in 2021.

They call for companies to identify high-risk areas for wildfires and then name actions on how to minimize those risks.

Also, they must address how they’ll shut off power in a last result.

“The wildfire mitigation plans demonstrate a great deal of work to meet the needs of communities and keep pace with the changing wildfire risks,” said Letha Tawney, PUC Commissioner.

“As we anticipate higher than average temperatures in the next week, we appreciate that Oregon electric utilities have gone through the planning process to prepare for a possible PSPS,” added Commissioner Tawney. “No utility utilizes a PSPS lightly, but their implementation plans are designed to help keep Oregonians informed and safe in extreme fire weather.”

View the 2022 Wildfire Mitigation Plans for Oregon electric utilities.

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