Portland, Or. – The woman who lives right in front of the weekend water main break at NE 23rd and Skidmore says crews have told her she won’t have running water for two weeks because the break destroyed the pipe leading to her house. Molly Holsapple says they told her they’d make sure she’d have water in the meantime.

She says the water main break looked like Old Faithful for four or five hours Saturday and was still  gushing Sunday morning. She can look out her front window and see crews at work repairing the break. She says they’ve been out there around the clock. She had to evacuate her home for awhile Saturday because they were worried a sink  hole would take her house.

Her house sits above the street , so her basement remained dry. She says she felt like the luckiest person and then a worker knocked on the door today  and told her about the broken pipe and says  “at this point I’m still stuck in the house  and I’m without water for right now, until they figure that out.”

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