Masks Now Optional On Public Transit

PORTLAND, Ore. — Riding public transit will look much differently than it has the past two years.  Masks are now optional on public transit following Monday’s court decision and new directive from the Transportation Security Administration.

TriMet, C-Tran and the Cherriots announced the change on Tuesday morning.

“For the next few days, people may continue to see mask-related signs and hear audible announcements on board,” says TriMet’s Tyler Graf.

Multnomah County and the CDC still recommend wearing a mask while traveling with others.

“The ruling has changed what can be enforced at the federal level however it does not change the potential for reducing your risk of getting or spreading COVID-19 by continuing to mask on transportation particularly when you are in close contact for prolonged periods of time,” said Public Health Director Jessica Guernsey.

Masks will continue to be available on buses and trains in line with that recommendation.

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