Kip Kinkel Grants Interview To Huffington Post

SALEM,Ore– Kip Kinkel is 38 years old now. He was 15, in 1998 when he killed his parents and then went to Thurston high School killing 2 students and injuring 25 others.  He is serving a 112 year sentence related to those crimes.  He tells the Huffington Post, “I feel tremendous shame and guilt.”  “I’ve never done this. I’ve never done an interview partly because I feel tremendous,tremendous shame and guilt for what I did. There’s an element of society that glorifies violence, and I hate the violence that I’m guilty of.  I never wanted to do anything that’s going to bring more attention.”

“I have a responsibility for the harm I caused when I was 15.  But I also have a responsibility for the harm I am causing now as I’m 38 because of what I did at 15.”

The article detail’s Kinkel’s childhood , voices he heard that made him commit the crimes he did.  Kinkel was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

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