It’s National Donut Day!
photo credit: Jeff Austin

We love our donuts!     On average, Americans eat 31 donuts each every year!

During Portland’s Morning News, Brett, Veronica and Jon Eric were all craving donuts and Traffic Guy Jeff Austin decided to torture everyone by sending in a picture of himself with a delicious looking donut!

It’s not a federally-recognized holiday but this is National Donut Day.


According to the data, 96 percent of Americans like donuts. To be more precise, 56 percent say they absolutely love donuts, 40 percent like them and only 3 percent of Americans claim to dislike donuts, while 1 percent hate them.

Fun Fact: Donuts were originally called Oily Cakes

Americans eat about 10 billion of them a year

The city with the most donut shops per person: Boston






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