Homeless Sweeps Slow To Start

PORTLAND, Ore– As far as we can tell no sweeps have happened yet. The Office of Management and Finance for the city of Portland tells FM News 101 KXL , “Out of respect for the privacy and safety of all involved, we don’t publicize the location and timing of campsite removals in advance or invite reporters to document that process.” The city says it will update us later this week on how the new protocols are going.

Portland Police, who in the past had a minimal presence at sweeps will not be at any campsite cleanups unless there is a significant problem.

After nearly six months of no sweeps, homeless  campers will begin receiving 2 day notice to move.  Before Covid-19 50 sites were cleaned out per week.  Portland City Council gave the directive for citywide cleanup to be reinstated.

Citizens have flooded city hall with phone calls and emails asking for help.  The first sites to be swept will be those that block sidewalks with 8 or more structures.  Anywhere  crimes are frequent, plus human waste and needles are visible. Excessive trash smells bad and becomes a fire hazard.

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