Grace Lodge Set to Close its Doors Due to Zoning Change

A place that helped women in trouble recover in Clark County, may have to shut down soon, because of a change in zoning regulations.  The women who say Grace Lodge saved their lives, are speaking out.

Six years ago: Ashley Weeber was in a lot of trouble.

“I had an I-V addiction to heroin and meth, I’d lost my children, I was deemed hopeless by those who loved me,” she said.

But a place that provides transitional housing in Battle Ground proved to be a life saver.  Grace Lodge has been helping women like her for 13 years.   At a recent council meeting, she and others tried to convince Clark County leaders to not terminate the lease on the property. Back in 2010 when the non profit X-Change recovery signed that lease, Grace Lodge was in rural zoned land.   The county’s since re-zoned it to Public Facilities and last month, gave the Lodge a notice to leave the property. 

The county’s giving the shelter and the women until April to move out. They say they’ve found a new space for the women. 

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