One of the best things about spring for a lot of people are the fresh fruits and veggies, and often the best quality can be found at your local Farmer’s Market. There are about 125 of them in Oregon, and they used to operate mostly on the weekends, but they’re pretty much every day of the week now, except for Mondays and only one market on Friday in the state.

Kelly Crane is director of the Oregon Farmer’s Market Association says they are small business incubators. Data shows over half the vendors at a typical rural farmers market are brand-new entrepreneurs with less than three years of experience. They bring in a huge amount of revenue to Oregon every year. Some facts from the OFMA:

…only $0.15 on the dollar goes to farmers when you buy food at a grocery store. Support your local farmers by shopping at the market, where they keep 100% of those dollars!

…customers at farmers markets have 15 to 20 social interactions compared one to two at a grocery store. Farmers markets are great for their communities. Visit your farmers market this week and chat with your neighbors.

…farmers market food is WAY fresher than food from traditional retailers. Farmers market fare averages half a day since harvest, compared to 13 days at a traditional retailer. That’s a delicious reason to support your local farmers market!

…the United States loses one acre of farmland every day.

KXL’s Veronica Carter has been going to check out area markets.  So far Milwaukie’s, Happy Valley’s and the one in downtown Vancouver. Which one do you think should be next? Leave a comment on our Facebook page or call and leave a message at 503-517-6101.

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