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First Time I’ve Felt Betrayed By The News

It has happened to the best of the news media. 

You get part of a story and it’s so compelling you can’t NOT report it. 

You want to be the first to break the news and a decision is made to prioritize “being first” and not “being right”.  It happens.  More often than not, it comes back to bite you.  It sucks, but that’s the way it goes.  It’s a mistake in judgement.  It happens.

However, mistakes are not what I’m writing about today. 

Today I’m writing about something much more troubling, and frankly, much more dangerous.   

I’ll start with this.  I have never personally been privy to, witness to, or aware of any instance where a journalist in my world has blatantly omitted newsworthy details in an important (big) story.

I’ll repeat, I’ve never known an instance where a journalist, myself or otherwise, has intentionally edited OUT — vitally important information on a story.

Such is the case with KCTV-5 in Kansas City, their reporter Angie Ricono and their handling of the Tyreek Hill abuse case(s).

There are journalists across the U.S. and possibly around the world, who would be absolutely outraged at what occurred here.  Absolutely outraged.

Here is some background from ESPN — and the latest on the situation.

This – is the kind of thing that can destroy one newsroom’s credibility and call into question ALL newsrooms’ credibility – and I am so angry this has happened.

Already, I have received a comment on a recent Facebook post about this.  Boasting with sarcasm, a buddy of mind said, “wow you mean the media just completely fabricated something for ratings and attention?!”

This is what happens!  KCTV, Angie – why?!

This journalist out here in Portland, Oregon feels betrayed and demands to know why.

Why, in the #MeToo era, on such an enormously relateable and impactful story about domestic violence, would you so blatantly omit newsworthy material, such as the possibility that one party may have lied about being abused??


Time constraints??  No, I saw you stretch coverage of your “April tape release” into 5 or 10 more minutes!  You could have included much more of the recorded Dubai conversation in your original report.  The story was that big.

An honest mistake??  Pssht — I doubt it.  Angie Ricono is no rookie.

Your official response is, “we released the newsworthy portions”??  What?  No you didn’t!

The entire sports and news world was listening!  Millions of people – were effectively LIED TO – by one member of an entire news media that is already under siege.

Angie, KCTV, you have hurt more than you have helped.  By far.  I hope you know that.

I’m so angry…

And people might say, “Oh, calm down, it’s just a sports story and it doesn’t affect you.”

No it isn’t.  And yes it does.

People’s lives – children’s lives – their futures…were TOYED WITH!  Public trust in the news media as a whole…is eroded FURTHER because of this.

I am so angry.

And, of course, that’s not to mention I’m a Chiefs fan.  There’s that, but it’s not my primary concern here.

I regain some measure of comfort in the fact I work with such a great team here at KXL.  Not one person here would do such a terrible thing.  This newsroom is full of genuine news professionals who strive for truth in their reporting.

Sure, we don’t always get it right and we’ve made some mistakes, but we are always striving to get it right every day.

This was one reporter – in one newsroom – making a terrible decision and a terrible mistake.  I certainly hope people will see it that way.

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