Animal Blood Bank Saves Our Best Friends!

So imagine this: your best friend, of the four legged kind, gets hurt. You rush him or her to the animal hospital and they’re able to work their magic and fix him or her right up. But what happens if Fido or Fluffy needs blood? Where does that come from? It comes from organizations like the Dove Lewis Emergency Veterinary Animal Hospital.

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Dove Lewis has one of two animal blood banks in the Portland area.   They’re always looking for more donations and work with dogs, and their humans to make the process as easy as possible.  There are treats involved, and a lot of petting, and many  donating dogs get really excited when they go to the blood bank.

These pictures are of Wesley.   He was injured by some larger dogs a few years ago and his human (Virginia Carter) was worried he wouldn’t make it.   Thanks to veterinarians, and organizations like Dove Lewis, Wesley is happily following Virginia everywhere she goes!

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