Addiction Has A Huge Hold On Oregon

PORTLAND,Ore–News federal data shows Oregon is number 2 in the country for addiction. The state is 50th in access to treatment. Alcohol is the biggest addiction problem, with a whopping 12.43% or about 420,000 Oregonians suffering from alcohol use disorder. oregon ranks 5th nationally in alcohol addiction.

Oregon ranks 1st in prescription opioid misuse 4.46%or 150,000 Oregonians .  The state also ranks 1st in methamphetamine use a 53% increase or 23,000 person increase from 2019.

The state’s chief medical Examiner, Dr. Sean Hurst told the Oregon legislature that between 2019 and 2020 Alcohol related deaths in Oregon increased 73%.  Drug overdoses were 39%. Preliminary data suggests addiction-related deaths in the second year of the pandemic will outpace the first year.

This week the Legislature will discuss how measure 110 funds will be used in the fight against  addiction.  Mike Marshall Executive Director of Oregon Recovers this some of the money will be routed to people who need treatment.  He comments Governor Kate Brown has had a number of opportunities to improve addictions services in Oregon.  She just hasn’t done it.

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