Things Men Are Sick of Being Judged For, Plus Jeff “Wrestles” an Alligator!

Some guys on social media are complaining about “Man Judging”.  There’s a list on Reddit about things guys are sick of being judged for, like:

1.  Having non-manly hobbies.  Like baking and gardening.

2.  Being short.  They’re also upset over being called out for having a receding hairline.

3.  Pampering yourself with things like massages.  It seems like women can get all the spa treatments they want.  But if guys do it, they’re weird.

4.  Taking long, relaxing showers.

5.  Ordering a cocktail or “girl drink” instead of a beer.

(We had some fun with the list this morning and thought it was a good time to bring up the fact that our traffic guy Jeff Austin has “wrassled” an alligator!  Ok.  Not really, but we like to tell him he has!)  Here’s another “manly” thing Jeff does:   He puts hot dogs on his pizza!  He can also eat a donut without using his hands!