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So Much To See: Johnson Creek


The Johnson Creek Trail head along the Springwater Corridor is one of those trails that has a little bit of everything, except elevation, so if you’re in a mood for a scenic stroll rather than strapping on a backpack and climbing a mountain, this is a pretty tame adventure. It’s nice because you’re walking right along the creek, which you can hear during your walk. It’s just over 4 miles, and runs between the Johnson Creek Park Trail head and ends at Errol Heights Park.

The trail is rated easy and if you in Southeast Portland or in Milwaukie, it’s a great place to get off the couch and get some some fresh air without having to huff and puff all the way to the top of a hill. It’s wonderful for families because the path is paved and there are spots where you can get off the trail and get up close to Johnson Creek, plus there’s a cool nature area where you can see ducks and evidence that beavers are there, as a matter of fact there’s a sign that explains how to look for them.

If you make if to Errol Heights Park, it’s a restored wetland forest with wildlife including beaver, wood ducks, mallards, egrets, herons woodpeckers and owls. Dogs are not allowed in this park because of all the little critters here.

All in all it’s a nice park, and if you park at the trail head it doesn’t cost for parking. It’s one of those places that transforms into something spectacular once Spring gets here because of the tree canopy.


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