Salon Owner In Salem Vows To Stay Open

SALEM, Ore. — Lindsey Graham doesn’t intend to let the state of Oregon threaten her anymore.  A week ago, she took the major step of reopening Glamour Salon in Salem even though Marion County like others at the time were shuttered because of COVID-19.  She knew the state could come after her for defying the Governor’s orders, and they have.

Lindsey heard through her attorney that she will be cited next week by OSHA.  She will also be fined $14,000.  Glamour Salon would be expected to close again three days after the citation is received.

“This is unconstitutional and I’ll fight the state in court,” Graham tells FM News 101.  “I’ve followed all the guidelines for a safe atmosphere for customers and stylists.  Only one person at a time is allowed in and we wear masks, gloves, change capes, and sanitize everything in between.”

Lindsey plans to continue to operate even if she is cited a second time.  The $14,000 fine is related to the leasing of chairs to her stylists.  The state is trying to say they are contract employees.

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