Photo of Suspect 42-year-old Mark Gago from Previous Arrest.

Canby, Oregon – (Update) Detectives are still gathering evidence in a home where a horrific crime happened. Authorities say Mark Gago is responsible for a quadruple murder near Canby. Neighbors say at one point the 42-year-old used an ax to kill his mother, his father, his girlfriend, and his infant daughter.

Deputies say Gago was trying to kill a second child when police arrived. They shot and killed him, saving the little girl’s life. One other woman in the home managed to get away Saturday night and run to a neighbor’s house on South Barlow Road.
The woman and the little girl are the only survivors. A crowd gathered outside the home leaving flowers candles and stuffed animals. Now that memorial at the home is slowing growing as more stop to show their love and support.

Original story:

Clackamas County Deputies shot and killed a man after getting a domestic violence call on Saturday night.
Four people found dead in the home on South Barlow Road. Victims ages range from infant to 66 years old.

The victims have been identified as
Olivia Lynn Rose Gago – 9 months old
Shaina E. Sweitzer – 31 years old
Jerry William Bremer – 66 years old
Pamela Denise Bremer – 64 years old

Two injured victims, a child and an adult woman have been taken to the hospital and are expended to survive.

The Suspect has been identified as Mark Leo Gregory Gago – 42 years old


Read more from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office here:

On Saturday January 19, 2019, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a multiple homicide domestic violence call in the 32000 block of S. Barlow Rd. Upon arrival, deputies were involved in a deadly force situation in which the homicide suspect was killed.

Investigators have determined that there are 4 homicide victims and 2 survivors. The investigation is continuing.

TRAFFIC ALERT: S. Barlow Rd. will remain closed between HWY 211 and S. Schneider Rd. for an undetermined amount of time, believed to be at least the next 12-24 hours.

(Roads are now back open.)