PBOT Warns of Possible Towing During Leaf Cleanup

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland’s Bureau of Transportation is continuing their annual leaf cleanup of the city.  And as of today, Monday November 11th – they will tow vehicles that are in their way.  Below is an official advisory sent by PBOT to the KXL Newsroom.

An advisory that went to the news media on Friday had some incorrect dates for the overall start of Leaf Day service. All the dates the public has been seeing are correct. The overall start and end dates have been added to the Leaf Day website and are available here:

Leaf Day service starts Nov. 11 and concludes on Dec. 22. Service in districts where moving your car is required and towing is enforced, starts Nov. 20 and ends Dec. 8.

Leaf Day crews will be clearing leaves in districts NW 7 and NW 9, which cover an area from West Burnside St on the south, to NW Northrup St on the north; from NW 21st Ave on the west to roughly NW 14th or NW 15th on the east.

PBOT does not want any vehicles to get towed. “No parking” signs have been posted in the districts. Email notices were sent this week, and we have also posted about the towing on social media. As an extra reminder for residents, our parking enforcement officers are placing notices on cars in neighborhoods where Leaf Day towing occurs. We encourage the public to sign up for weekly email or text message reminders about the Leaf Day schedule overall and reminder messages specifically for Leaf Day tow districts.

We’d like to remind the public:

  • Leaf Day service starts Nov. 11 and concludes on Dec. 22. Service in districts where moving your car is required and towing is enforced, starts Nov. 20 and ends Dec. 8. Towing for Leaf Day only happens in 10 of the 52 Leaf Day districts. In most districts, moving your car off the street is optional, but always appreciated. We only tow vehicles to clear the streets for Leaf Day service in Northwest Portland, Goose Hollow and Sullivan’s Gulch, the neighborhoods that have asked us to tow in order to provide a clean sweep and prevent street flooding during rainstorms.

  • Don’t get towed. Moving your vehicle is REQUIRED in the 10 districts listed. You are subject to a $85 citation and a $241 tow on Leaf Day in these districts. Plus, storage fees accrue daily. To locate towed vehicles, visit search.autoreturn.com or call Police Auto Records at 503-823-0044.
    – Northwest: Districts NW 2, NW 3, NW 4, NW 6, NW 7, NW 8 and NW 9
    – Southwest: Districts SW 1 and SW 2
    – Sullivan’s Gulch in Northeast: District NE 14
  • Leaf Day service continues with a break for the Thanksgiving holiday Nov. 23-24. In October, PBOT mailed more than 60,000 brochures to residents of the 52 leaf districts, reminding them how the service works and providing schedule information.
  • It’s important for everyone who lives or works in a Leaf District to know how to prepare for Leaf Day. Please encourage the public to check portland.gov/leafday for more details.
  • If you are not in a Leaf District, please know that PBOT cleans and sweeps all other local residential streets once per year and all major arterial streets 3-4 times per year, often at night. Leaf Day service is needed to remove leaves.

For general Leaf Day information, members of the public can call 311 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. They can also email us at [email protected]

View a map of Leaf Day districts NW 7 and NW 9, where we will tow vehicles on Monday:

Leaf Day towing starts Monday Nov 21 in districts NW7 and NW9 for 2022

See our interactive Leaf Day map, schedules and other details at


PBOT parking enforcement staff posted notices about Leaf Day on parked cars in Northwest Portland

PBOT staff posted Leaf Day reminders to cars in Northwest Portland this week, giving additional notice of upcoming Leaf Day service in areas where cars are required to be removed, or they will be towed to allow the bureau to provide a clean sweep and prevent street flooding. Photo from 2021 by PBOT.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is the steward of the City’s transportation system, and a community partner in shaping a livable city. We plan, build, manage and maintain an effective and safe transportation system that provides access and mobility. Learn more at portland.gov/transportation

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