ORLA And Mayors React To COVID-19 Aid Package

PORTLAND, Ore. — Restaurants will soon be able to offer cocktails and wine to go after Oregon’s Governor signs the bill that was passed by the Oregon Legislature during Monday’s special session and OLCC develops rules.

Jason Brandt, President of The Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association says: “The cocktails to go approval by the legislature is helpful and it will definitely give a boost to eating establishments”.

Drinks are where most restaurants make their profit.  This comes on the late side of COVID-19.  Many places to eat have already folded because they couldn’t make a living.

After the OLCC gives its blessing, new rules will be set in place whereby two cocktails can accompany an order of food to go.  Two glasses of wine can be substituted.  Both would have to be in sealed containers.  Also, 3rd party companies that deliver food can not charge 30% to restaurants like they have been.  Most in Portland have charged 10% in other areas 15%.

“The legislative package is too little to late,” said Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam.  “Main Street stores everywhere in Oregon needed help months ago.  Too many are about to go under.”

Mayor Pulliam pledges to do what he can to stop that.  He’s meeting with a large groups of mayors online today to talk more about what they can do to help businesses and make sure they don’t suffer any consequences.  The game plan is to have places to eat and shop open as of January 1st.

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