Normandale Park Shooter Sentenced to Life in Prison

Victims got their chance, to confront the man who shot them at Normandale Park. “You can’t steal my strength even though you tried to kill me,” one said.

The victims and their family members spoke out in court, against Benjamin Smith, who shot Black Lives Matter supporters at the park last year.

After originally pleading not guilty, Smith changed his plea to guilty, on nine counts, including second degree murder, for shooting traffic volunteers who’d gathered at the park.  He killed 60 year old June Knightly, and wounded four others.  The surviving victims and their families described what they’ve gone through at his sentencing hearing Tuesday.

A young woman, DEG, was paralyzed after she was shot in the neck in February of 2022, said, “It has been overwhelming.”

Smith did not offer any response to the victims in court.

The judge sentenced Smith to life in prison, with no possibility for parole until he serves 55 years.

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