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New to the Kitchen? Practice Makes Perfect!

I love to cook and I’ve been doing it a long time but I want to get better.  I even have toyed with the idea, like many people have, of owning a small cafe on the coast when I retire.  🙂

I doubt I’ll actually do it, but just in case, I should perfect some of my culinary skills.  Problem is, there aren’t a lot of hands-on cooking classes around the Northwest, and I am a hands-on learner for sure!

Surja Tjahaja is a chef from West Linn, who up until COVID, taught cooking classes.  He says it may be awhile before he resumes, even though he has a passion for teaching others.  A lot of chefs must feel the same because I’ve had a hard time finding a class I can take.  Surja says if you can’t get to a cooking lesson, patience is the key.  If a dish doesn’t turn out the first time, practice really does make perfect.  Plus, now you can take online classes, or just google recipes until you get it right.

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