Nanotechnology…for Marijuana?

Why smoke or eat marijuana, when you can absorb it through your skin??  That’s the question developers of a cutting edge cannabis product are asking right now.

Earlier today, Canada-based Nanosphere Cannabis International, Inc. announced a new partnership with Bend, OR based grower Cascade Pure.

The companies will collaborate to kick start the marijuana nano-serum market across Oregon the same way its already been growing in Colorado, Canada, and California.

That’s right, marijuana nano-serum.  Sounds like something from a science fiction movie, right?

Here’s a look at how this cannabis device works — kudos to Choice Organics, Inc. for the vid (start at the 1:14 mark!!):

So, the sales pitch on this new marijuana delivery system is fairly simple.  Smoking marijuana can damage your respiratory system and eating marijuana can be unreliable or even make people feel sick.

The makers of this new cannabis nano-serum believe it could become the new, safe, and more effective way to consume marijuana.

You’ll see it on it on dispensary shelves very soon.  Makers of the product say they plan to distribute it for public consumption, perhaps late 2019 or early 2020.