Listen To KXL’s Everyday Hero: Mary

This is the letter we got from Ryan Sisco, nominating his wife Mary as our KXL Everyday Hero:

Hello,  I would like to nominate my wife to be recognized as a local hero.

Near the tail end of 2019 my wife was promoted to interim director of her home health department for Adventist hospital in Tillamook, Oregon.

In February of 2020 she was sent to New Orleans for a corporate class for new managers/directors. As soon as she got home from Louisiana the madness began, she was at the helm of the ship with little real experience as a manager, let alone a manager in a pandemic. She went from taking vitals and changing dressings on home bound patients to meeting with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention daily and implementing safety regulations as they were handed down to her. She was terrified almost every day but she was able to keep her staff up and running, sending them out to check on patients as often as they needed it.

Her tenacity and hard work, combined with her grace while under fire from this virulent threat has landed her as the permanent director of her agency. With the hard work of her nurses and the hospitals cooperation, Tillamook County is number two in the state for vaccinating home bound patients. She herself just got her second shot yesterday, and even though she’s feeling under the weather, she is at work, masked up, making sure her nurses and patients are taken care of.

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