KXL TRAVEL: Indirect Flights are Cheaper and Fun!

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Flights are pretty expensive right now to pretty much everywhere.   At the same time, the Euro is off, meaning it’s a great time to head overseas because your dollar will stretch a lot further.   So how do you get there without breaking the bank?   We asked our Alpha Media colleague Gene Sandbloom.  He loves to travel, and has been to 104 countries!

For him, researching flights is a fun past time, and sometimes he finds really good deals.    He was heading to France recently and the flights were super expensive so he spent time online looking for flights to other countries. He found one that took him to Lisbon, Portugal, then from there he could go on to France for only about $100. It’s  you can do on a lot of trips.  While you’re there, plan a layover in that city for a day or two.  Sometimes the airline will even fund it!

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