Probie the Firedog has a mission:  to help the fire fighters who dedicate themselves to helping others.   Probie’s human mom, Amber Cross, spotted him in a litter of pups about two and a half years ago.  He was tiny, and the breeder’s children named him “Survivor”.   Amber brought him home with her as soon as he was weaned and then brought him to work.  She’s a fulltime employee of the Oregon State Fire Marshall’s office, and a volunteer fire fighter for the Sublimity Fire Department.


Amber and Probie even share the same birthday!


Probie’s job is to just be adorable and friendly.  He and Amber became a certified therapist team a couple of years ago and now also spend time at Salem Hospital helping patients.  By the way, if you’re wondering where the name “Probie” came from, it’s short for “on probation” in a fire department.   Amber says Fire Chief Allen Hume was very open to having Probie around the station from the moment he met him.   Here’s a picture of the two of them:


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