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Kid Hustles Disney Plus At School…Hilarious…

By Cooper Banks

You can call it capitalism, you can call it straight hustling…I just call it downright hilarious.

The other day, as I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, I stumbled on this video from a guy named “Zach Rushing”.  You could call him a “social media influencer”, but he’s really just a guy who likes to discuss hunting and fishing on Facebook Live from time to time.

He has a lot of followers on his Facebook page and all that.

This particular video has nothing to do with hunting or fishing, but it is altogether a riot.  It touches on so many “big things” here in America — capitalism, drive, ambition, profit motive…and how it can be hilarious — when a KID does it.

And part of the reason I love this so much is the way I’ve always been charmed by American Southerners.  You can tell, Zach is an American Southerner, of course — and the way he delivers this absolutely priceless story makes it all the better.

Check it out;

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