Lake County, Oregon – Oregon Senator Ron Wyden spoke Wednesday afternoon on the Senate floor in Washington, D.C. to share the story of Jasmine Tool from Southern Oregon. She tells Senator Wyden she will die soon because of the Government shutdown. The Mother in her 30’s is living with an inoperable brain tumor. Living in a rural area, she has to travel a long distance for treatments. She was suppose to go to Nevada for treatment but it was cancelled because her insurance lapsed back in October. She’s a federal employee with ODFW and only her employer can fix her insurance. But they are closed right now, because of the partial Government Shutdown. She tells Senator Wyden now she’s also losing her in-home health care assistant, and is just days away from not getting the foods and medicines she need to survive. Senator Wyden took the time to share her story and called on lawmakers to act immediately to help save her life.

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