PORTLAND, Ore–Owen Klinger was laid to rest today.  His service was held at University of Portland where he was a Freshman and on the Lacrosse team.  1,800 people attended the service.  Klinger’s body was pulled from the Willamette river near the St. John’s Bridge October 20th.  Two weeks after he went missing.  hundreds of volunteers searched for him.  the family with the help of a close friend even put up a drone looking for him.  Prior to the service Owen’s family told reporters  they still don’t know how or why he died.

Owen’s mom Mary described her son as loving funny and he really loved food like chocolate milk, ice cream, and bacon.  She said, “He was always so helpful and was particular about mowing the lawn and edging and doing things around the house.  One of his favorites was shoveling snow for the neighbors.”


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