Fred Meyer Launches Recycled Packaging In Portland

PORTLAND, Ore.– Fred Meyer Stores and Loop, the reuse platform developed by TerraCycle has introduced about 20 items to shoppers in reusable packaging.  This is the first of its kind partnership in the U.S.. Customers can shop at 25 Fred Meyer stores in the  Portland area for brands like Cascade, Clorox, Gerber, and Pantene, as well as Kroger’s Simple Truth Brand.

Metro is glad that Fred Meyer and its partners are testing the first Loop pilot here in Oregon.  It fits with the Regional Waste Plan.  Customers can buy the products in refillable, reusable containers found in branded displays in participating store.  After a consumer   uses the product, they can return the empty packaging to the Loop collection bin in the store.  The containers are then picked up ,cleaned, refilled, and made available for purchase by a new customer.  There’s a small packaging deposit, and a full refund is given once the package is returned.

Loop’s movement to an in-store retail model began in Paris, France in 2020.

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