Football Umpires Needed in Portland

The Portland Football Officials Association has had a shortage of umpires to call games after the pandemic, and now Rob Fuller, head of the association says they are offering a six-week training session to anyone interested in getting on the field in the middle of the action.

The Association has had a shortage of officials for games including youth, junior varsity, and varsity football.

Last year, the shortage was bad enough that high schools had to move at least one of their games to a night other than Friday night. Prior to the pandemic, the PFOA had almost 200 officials in its rotation but that number has dipped to close to 150.

The opportunity involves 12 hours of computer based training, and once you become an official you can make between $65 and $85 per game.

Anyone interested in this opportunity can head to the PFOA website and fill out a form to be contacted by an official.