Film Workshops for Vets With a Patton

We know it can be tough to share and process life’s experiences and when you’re a veteran, it can be even harder. As journalists, we know the power of story telling and how impactful it can be to share story and to listen to stories.

This is an opportunity for veterans to learn how to express themselves through film making. It’s called The Veterans Film Workshop. The founder is Benjamin Patton…. yeah, he’s a REAL Patton. His grandfather is THE General George Patton and his dad was a general too.

The younger Patton is a psychologist and film maker. This is his mission:
“… to help veterans coping with posttraumatic stress reduce social isolation and strengthen family, community, and professional bonds. We accomplish this mission through intensive filmmaking workshops enabling participants to collaborate with peers to process their service experiences. We also incorporate screening events that validate veterans’ experiences, advance community dialogue, and educate the public about the mental health challenges facing veterans and military families.”

October 4-6: I Was There Veterans Film Workshop
Hi-Lo Hotel in downtown Portland
Call the Portland V.A. Medical Center to get registered.
Or contact the non-profit:
[email protected]
(646) 992-3676

The short films will also be featured at Portland’s Film Festival in October.

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