Ski resorts are for skiing, but what happens when there is no snow? That’s when many step up their game to get people to visit anyway. At Mt. Hood Meadows that’s exactly what has happened, and one thing that attracts people is really good food.

I went to the Tour of the Delicacies of Mexico at Meadows, and was amazed at the depth and flavor of the food prepared by Executive Chef Matthew Grimsley, who spent a decade as chef at Beaches in Vancouver.

Grimsley highlighted different regions of Mexico. The delicious menu included:

Northern Mexico (Chihuahua, Sonora): Machaca con Huevos (dried beef and eggs, salsa rojo, flour tortillas), Lamb Fajitas (sweet and spicy peppers, queso Ranchero).

North Pacific Coast (Sinaloa, Jalisco): Ceviche (citrus shrimp, chilies).

Bajio (Michoacan, Guanajuato): Morisqueta (white rice, beans, chilies, cotija), Carnitas (slow roasted pork shoulder).

The South (Oaxaca, Guerrero): Roasted Cactus Tamales (mole, black beans).

The Yucatan (Campeche, Yucatan): Chicken and Tamarind Pibil (avocado, mango).

Gulf (Tabasco, Vera Cruz): Huachinango (red snapper in light tomato sauce with sweet yellow peppers, olives capers)

Central (Mexico City): Al Pastor Tacos (seasoned pork, pineapple, chilies).

Other events at Meadows this summer includes Friday Night Movies on the Deck, Mushroom Hunts on Sundays, and The Oregon Humane Society fundraiser “Mutts on the Mountain” returns to Meadows August 28.

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