FBI Warns of New Online Scams

PORTLAND< Ore.– The FBI is paying extra attention to a newer scam involving fake websites originating in China.  Everything about them looks real.  You order the product pay for it and end up with a box of junk on your front porch.

There are a couple of things you can do as a preventive. Make sure to purchase with a Credit card rather than a debit card.  Use Paypal. Make sure they have a good refund and replacement policy.  Buy from well known big companies or small retailers you know. Check company ratings.

“Jackpot Scam” you find a high demand  gift or luxury item , a toy ,or electronic online at a lower price.  Once paid for the package may never show up or if it does show up it’s a box of junk.  Your recourse contact the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center file a complaint there. Dispute the charges through your credit card company.

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