Claim: “A Cemetery For The Homeless Built By The Homeless”

Portland, Ore. — A Portland-based Homeless Consultant claims he was shown a “Homeless Cemetery” in the Sandy River Delta.  Kevin Dahlgren says the area, known as Thousand Acres has been used by the homeless for a camp for years.  This past week, he visited the area and was greeted by a man living there.

“I was talking to a homeless guy and he showed me their homeless quote Cemetery that they built by the homeless and for the homeless and he went on to describe saying this isn’t just a memorial there are actual people and animals under here this is where we bury them.  I was kind of shocked by that and then I actually looked and noticed that it was a lot of burial plots.  There were a lot of people’s names they’re all about five and a half to six feet long.  He said other people are buried in the woods that they don’t want to be seen or found and then he kind of also eluded that he didn’t want to incriminate himself that the people that were buried there were not well-liked by the others so you can draw your own conclusions what that means. But it was pretty terrifying so I filmed that and  posted it on my Twitter and really just kind of took off I mean very post-apocalyptic.”

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office issued a written statement Tuesday afternoon:

“Out of an abundance of caution, when MCSO learned of the alleged site, we called for a SAR cadaver K9 to perform a search of the location. The dog did not alert to human remains. Additionally, our deputies conducted follow up with individuals who live in the Delta, and no one indicated that any sites may contain human remains. It was reported to our deputies that the location is a pet cemetery. At this point, the claims are unfounded.”