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Activism? Or Is It Just…A Day Off…

As you may be aware, millions of school students across the globe took today to walk out of class and demonstrate in support of the people who consider Climate Change a major problem.

Climate Change is something which could greatly affect these kids’ lives, so bravo for them paying attention.

But as we got our day started here in the KXL newsroom, we started talking more about what kids’ mindset might have been for today.

Did these students really understand what they were doing??  Did they feel empowered?  Were they inspired to engage in political activism more in the future??  Or did kids just use today as an excuse to miss class…

Before we get too far into this, I’m almost certain there was BOTH, but I still wonder about it.

You won’t be surprised to know my co-host and friend Lucinda Kay, ever the optimist, believes most of the kids walked out with a genuine intention to exercise their 1st Amendment right on an important issue.

She also believes that no matter a person’s mindset going into events like this, their mindset usually evolves as the protest continues and they feel more inspired as a result.

I’ll admit, as I am ever the skeptic, I’m pretty sure plenty of the kids, if not most of them — care about Climate Change.  I just think they probably cared about getting a break from school…more.

I’m curious about how the conversation went between these kids and their parents before today’s demonstrations (or any such event).

I’m also curious about the mindset of the kids who didn’t take part in today’s demonstrations.

I’m posting this to social media so feel free to chime in with your thoughts!

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