PORTLAND, Ore–   The Parents of a teenage girl killed by a hit and run driver nearly THREE years ago shares their tearful story on a NATIONAL STAGE.   Their pain is magnified because the person responsible for their daughter’s death, fled the country.    Fallon Smart was struck by a car and killed crossing the street on SE Hawthorne .   Abdul-ra-hman  Sameer Norrah was arrested  and charged with manslaughter , but he skipped out of the country before his trial.

Within a week Homeland security says Noorah showed up in Saudi Arabia. It was after his disappearance Smarts parents learned the Saudi Government posted the 100 thousand dollars bail giving the 21 year old college student a path to run from the country.  There are at least 5 other Saudi college students in trouble with the law here in Oregon , 2 have been accused of rape… all have fled to their homeland.