200 TriMet Bus Shelters Damaged This Summer

PORTLAND, Ore. — Nearly 200 TriMet bus shelters have been damaged this summer, costing the transit agency tens of thousands of dollars.

Riders have noticed the increase in busted glass over the past few months.

“In most cases, the damage is to the glass panels along the sides,” said TriMet’s Tyler Graf.

SE 18th & Burnside

FM News 101 first reported in June that nearly 100 bus shelters were damaged that month.  Once all was said and done, there were 115.  The damage slowed down a bit in July with 78.  It’s a significant increase from a few dozen in April and May.

Repairing one plane of glass can cost $450 to $1,500 dollars.  Replacing the entire shelter can run $10,000.  It can take several days due to staffing and supply shortages.

“When a shelter is damaged in such a way, we send crews out as quickly as we can to clean up that glass and to tape off the shelter,” Graf added.

SE 20th and Burnside

Police reports have not been filed in all of the cases due to resources and there’s no word on arrests.  If anyone has information on who’s committing these acts, TriMet would appreciate any leads.

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