Suspect In Over 30 Armed Robberies Is Behind Bars

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Police have arrested a man who’s accused of committing over 30 armed robberies at businesses throughout the metro area over the past two months.

He’s accused of robbing stores, hotels, restaurants and gas stations between April 7th and June 7th.  Police say he robbed a coffee shop and bar in North Portland within an hour and 20 minutes on Tuesday afternoon.

32-year-old Andrey Mazur is charged with two counts of robbery in Portland.  Further charges are expected as police believe he’s connected to as many as 14 other robberies in the city and at least a dozen more in the surrounding area.

Mazur was spotted leaving the scene of a robbery on Tuesday.  He was speeding and weaving through traffic.  He took shelter in an apartment and shaved his head to change his look.  He surrendered after four hours.  A replica semiautomatic handgun was seized as evidence.

Investigators say he pulled a handgun and demanded cash during the robberies and several were captured on surveillance video.

The robberies were committed in the jurisdictions of the Vancouver Police Department, Washougal Police Department, Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Portland Police Bureau, Gresham Police Department, Lake Oswego Police Department, West Linn Police Department, Gladstone Police Department, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, Hillsboro Police Department and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

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