Oregon Officials Ask For Help To Find Who Killed At Least 8 Wolves

UNION COUNTY, Ore. (AP) –  Officials in Oregon are asking for help locating the person or persons responsible for poisoning an entire wolf pack in the eastern part of the state earlier this year.

The Oregon State Police said Thursday it has been investigating the killing of all five members of the Catherine Pack in Union County, plus three other wolves from other packs.

An agency spokeswoman says all leads have been exhausted so they are reaching out to the public for assistance.

Wolf advocates were stunned by the news, calling the killings horrific and egregious.

Wolves once ranged most of the U.S. but were wiped out in most places by the 1930s under government-sponsored poisoning and trapping campaigns.

Wildlife advocates argue that continued protections are needed for the animals to rebound.

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