Portland, Oregon – A major development in a story we first reported on a year ago. We’ve learned a man has pled guilty to shooting Damian Lillard’s brother in Portland. KXL’s Grant McHIll has the update.

Jahrell Lillard was attacked and shot by two men in the Clackamas Town Center parking lot last March. He’s alive today, thanks in part to West Linn Police Sergeant Jake Howell, who was given the Lifesaving Award for his actions that night. Clackamas County Chief Deputy DA Chris Owen confirms 20-year Jeffrey Jessie has pleaded guilty to attempted murder and to being a felon with a gun. He and 18-year-old Taivon Campbell were arrested separately for the attack back in May.

Jessie faces up to 25 years behind bars when he’s sentenced on Monday. Witnesses say they heard up to 10 gunshots during the attack.

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KXL’s Grant McHill contributed to this report.


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